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Accurate pathological investigation is key to right diagnosis of various health conditions. In our endeavour to provide high quality diagnostic services, Koshys has tied with Dr Lal Path Labs, India’s largest and most reputed diagnostic service providers.

The lab has a proven track record of over 6 decades in terms of strict adherence to national and international quality standards and is CAP and NABL accredited. LPL offers a wide range of test services (over 3500 tests) and handles over 10 million customers every year.

Present within the premises at Koshys Hospital, LPL operates round-the-clock. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled manpower the lab processes close to 90% of all requested tests in house responding with accurate results within 1-2 hrs.


Painless Delivery

Say bye-bye to Pain. Our childbirth delivery method is pain free so say goodbye to the mind numbing pain for expectant mothers which is now history.

High Risk Delivery Management

Be worry free, our skilled medical team are here for you and your family. With our cutting edge Neonatal Treatment for any and all complications when you are carrying until you have the newest member of your family in your loving arms.

Treatment for Infertility

There may be some matters which may become a hindrance for you to become parents. Our team of experts at Koshys will have counselling sessions to analyze, treat and remove the root causes for you to conceiving. We will help you become proud parents soon with your loved ones at arms length.

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