Timely availability of an ambulance is vital for timely intervention in critical cases. Our ambulance vehicles are available with advanced as well as Basic Life Support equipment and manned by appropriate medical staff.


  • Well trained drivers for 24×7 service and safe transit of patients throughout the journey
  • Availability of basic First Aid Kit with necessary medicine
  • Periodic review of certain key performance indicators

At Koshys Hospital, we are equipped with state-of-the-art Dialysis Centre to cater to the needs of patients suffering from renal conditions. Salient features of the Dialysis Centre include:

  • 10 beds
  • 24/7 services
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • NABL Certified Laboratory for performing Creatine Tests
  • Specially trained staff

At Koshys Hospital, we offer a wide range of Physiotherapy services


At Koshys Hospital, the Emergency department is equipped to handle all types of emergencies. Emergencies could range from minor physical discomfort to life threatening medical conditions. A timely and effective medical response is the need of the hour. We accord highest priority to emergency cases. Our emergency team are always on alert 24×7 to handle acute emergencies such as:

  • Poisoning
  • Snake bite envenomation
  • Adverse drug reaction
  • Hanging
  • Drug overdose and poisoning
  • Acute pulmonary oedema
  • Status asthmatic
  • Status epilepsy

Timely care is vital in case of patients suffering from serious health conditions and those recuperating from surgeries. We have a 11 bed medical ICU and a 7 bed neonatal ICU supported by intensivists and neonatologists respectively and well-trained nursing staff to monitor and deliver round-the-clock critical care to patients. Our ICU facility is equipped with the latest IBP monitors, ventilators and baby warmers.


Our specialists in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Dermatology and Neurology provide consultation and outpatient services. Appointments can be made both online or by calling the hospital helpline numbers. Patients may also walk in and register with our front desk in case of emergencies. Our OPD works between 8 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 4.30p.m. to 7.30p.m. on weekdays.


We believe in making hospital stay as comfortable and affordable as possible for our patients. We offer different categories of wards to suit individual patient requirements. These include:


  • General wards
  • Semi-special wards
  • Special wards
  • Private wards
  • Deluxe wards
  • VIP Suite
  • Presidential Suite

Please enquire with our front desk for ward charges and facilities offered in each category.


Our diagnostics and laboratory departments are equipped with a multi-slice CT Scanner with 3D Planar reconstruction and multi-planar rendering, comprehensive obstetric sonography (including 3D & 4D Ultrasound), general Ultrasonography including transperineal and transvaginal scans, general Radiography, Colour Doppler, VEP, BAER, SSEP, EEG, Video EEG, Neuro-conduction study, EMG, SFEMG and pathological investigation services.


We are committed to making hospital stay as convenient as possible for both patients and caretakers. We offer “Cashless Healthcare Services” to those who have a Medical Health Insurance. We have agreements with some of the leading Third-Party Assurance companies. Our team at the Insurance Desk is always available to assist you, answer queries related to health insurance claims and settlements, and liaise with TPAs to process your bills on time.


We understand the anxiety of the expectant mother/ their wards. To ensure the process of childbirth is comfortable and memorable, we have specially designed private labour-delivery/ postpartum rooms for each patient. Expectant mothers get to relax under the expert care of our experienced Obstetricians/ Gynaecologists. Our well-trained nursing staff is always there to attend to the various needs of the mother – pre- and post-delivery. We have two labour rooms and a Baby Resuscitation room.


Our hospital has two major OTs (Operation Theatres) and one Minor OT, well-equipped to handle major and minor procedures. They are modern with high levels of sterility maintained at all times. Lifesaving devices like anaesthesia monitors, patient monitors, lighting, cut and coag, ventilators, C-Arm (image intensifier), portable X-rays, Ultrasound and Doppler and laparoscopic equipment along with uninterrupted power supply systems are available to ensure a smooth procedure.


We are committed to ensuring top quality in terms of processes and procedures that translate to quality patient care and safety. To provide the highest standards of “quality medical care and safety to patients” we are in the process of receiving accreditation to National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). NABH is a widely respected, Government approved accreditation body that certifies hospitals in the delivery of quality medical care and patient safety.


Our hospital lays great emphasis on patient safety. Patient information during their stay is shared only with caretakers approved by the patient. Our well-trained security staff provides round-the-clock. The premises’ is also fire compliant. Cleanliness and sterility is strictly maintained in all relevant areas to protect patients from infection. Regular audits are conducted to assess key performance indicators.


Round-the-clock availability of medicines is critical for quality patient care. Our pharmacy operates 24×7 to support the needs of the patients as well as that of the neighbourhood. It is well stocked and we offer medicines at a reasonable price. The pharmacy is manned by qualified pharmacists. We always ensure availability of high quality and unexpired medicines.