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At Koshys, we don’t take the wellbeing of children lightly. That’s why we have a dedicated team of paediatric doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff to ensure that we provide top-notch medical and surgical care to all our young patients. Our Level-3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is fully equipped with ventilators, infusion pumps, ABG and cardiac monitors to take on even the mostfragile newborn and premature cases. Our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is dedicated to the care of critically ill children and teenagers. Be it severe infections, respiratory diseases, trauma and complex post-op care, our well-staffed PICU team of expert paediatricians and nurses provides advanced paediatric care to kids round-the-clock.

Koshys Hospital believes in empowering and strengthening the patients who suffer from bone and joint issues, because of age, stress, injuries or other medical conditions. Our orthopaedic specialists treat conditions such as fractures, deformities, bone degeneration due to age and others through surgical, therapeutic and medical procedures.
Hip & Knee replacements, ACL repairs, dislocated shoulder treatment, meniscus and rotator cuff repair, spinal microdisectomy and stabilising trauma surgery are some of the orthopaedic treatments that are conducted by highly experienced and qualified team of ortho doctors and surgeons at Koshys.

At Koshys, we are dedicated to improve your health from the inside. Our highly experienced Gastroenterology department boasts of a team of British and American trained doctors specialize in treatment of all gastro-intestinal and liver conditions. Koshys offers key hole or laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery for most gastro-intestinal procedures like acid-reflux surgery, hernia surgery, splenectomy, distal pancreatic resections and so on, for faster cure and less pain.
ERCP, Cancer surveillance and surgery of pre-cancerous cells, endoscopy, colonoscopy are few of the gastro-intestinal procedures that are conducted at Koshys Hospital with utmost care and precision for optimum results.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Our in-house obstetrics and gynaecology department consists of a team of doctors who are very well experienced in treating cases of infertility and high risk pregnancy. Koshys provides several treatment options for women who are having trouble with conceiving. Other than the clinical and surgical procedures, in-house counselling sessions are also offered to prepare young couples for parenthood.
Other than high risk pregnancy management and infertility treatments (like ovulation induction, HSG, IUI and Hysterolaparoscopy), a wide range of other gynaecological conditions are treated at Koshys. These include abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroid management, endometriosis treatment and hysterectomy (either through laparoscopy or open surgery).

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