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Top 10 foods rich in Vitamin D

For healthy and strong bones, Vitamin D intake is very essential. Many people are worried about a vitamin D deficiency, Unlike other nutrients, vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin at all: It’s a hormone, made by your body as you are exposed to sunlight, that plays an important role in maintaining bone strength. If you eat a varied diet and get some sun (about 20 minutes a day, unfiltered by sunscreen) then you are probably getting all the vitamin D you need. Even if you aren’t getting enough from sunlight, you probably don’t need a vitamin supplement, Try eating more of these vitamin D-rich foods instead.

1.Egg Yolks:

Most of you health conscious people would only prefer to eat egg whites and throw away the yolk but did you know it serves you just the right amount of Vitamin D. Whether it you take it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even in desserts, egg yolks have more health benefits that you thought.

2. Salmon

Salmon is the best vitamin D food out there (wild salmon has more than farmed salmon, FYI). Just half a fillet of salmon has more than the daily recommended allowance for one person.

3. Cereals To Start Your Day

This popular breakfast meal is a great way to start your day with good D3 intake. Many cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D; however it is always wise to check as this may vary sometimes. On average, these cereals usually have around 100-200 IU of vitamin D per serving. Pair your multi-grain or whole-grain cereal with some fortified orange juice and you’re good to go for the day!

4. Milk

Fortified milk has about one-fifth a day’s worth of vitamin D — and whole milk has more than skim. You might anyway be consuming a lot of these but some particular products such as butter, buttermilk, fortified fruit yogurt and fortified Milk are great sources of vitamin D.

5. Mushrooms

Yay for plants! Mushrooms are the only natural plant source of vitamin D. Much like human skin, when mushrooms are exposed to sunlight, they automatically generate vitamin D.

6. Pork:

Consume less yet provide your body with the required amount of Vitamin D by eating pork, especially the ribs, though it is rich in fats too. Interestingly, the amount of vitamin D in porn differs when it is cut and prepared in various ways. For instance, a slice of ham barely contains any vitamin D.

7. Fortified Soy Products

Lately soy products are taking over the department stores with their milk, and yogurt products. While Soy milk has a 297-311 IU D3, soya yogurt provides 161 IU of vitamin D3. Both can be found in various flavours, option of nonfat and with added calcium too. Another soy product that you are most likely to know of is tofu (lite and firm). Tofu is great in terms of D3 containment and for cooking.

8. Cod liver oil

Unlike a lot of other regular oils, cod liver oil is flavoured with mint or citrus and even comes in form of a capsule. Just one tablespoon can give you more than the required amount of vitamin D for a day and it won’t exceed the maximum upper-level intake in any scenario.


Orange is a fruit that is usually fortified with D3. In fact, a cup of orange juice (fortified with calcium and vitamin D) offers 259 IU of vitamin D which surpasses that of even Milk. Therefore, I highly recommend that you add orange juice to your daily diet if you wish to raise your D3 consumption.

10. Sunshine

While you can’t exactly eat sunshine, it still remains by far the best way to get your intake of vitamin D. Light hitting your skin from the sun’s rays stimulates the production of this vitamin.For those living in colder, cloudier climates, it’s even more important to eat foods rich in vitamin D.

Getting enough vitamin D ensures that you’ll be able to process the calcium you take in, lowers your cancer risk and promotes good heart health. The foods rich in vitamin D listed above, while in most cases not a cure-all for a deficiency, can certainly help raise your daily intake.

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