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25 Apr: The most underappreciated organs in your body

All of us learnt in school that a human body is made up of 206 bones, but do we know how many organs are really present in our body?

There are a total of 79 organs that have been scientifically validated. Not a very common fact, is it? However, we tend to pay attention only to the parts of our body that we feel are important, the obvious ones that is, the heart, the lungs, our sensory organs and the skeletal system, but there are certain other important organs that may not play a role as big as the fore mentioned ones but do make a difference to our day to day life. Here is a list of underappreciated organs:

1. The Kidney:

The kidneys are known primarily for their part in the excretory functions of the body, but they are responsible for so much more. Apart from it, the kidneys are also responsible for extracting phosphate and other substances from the urine, failure of which can cause the formation of cartilage like growth that can affect the strength of bones and increase the chances of a cardiac arrest. The kidneys are also known as the fountain of youth for the sick and elderly due to its role in the regulatory functions.

The Spleen:

This tiny organ present behind the stomach is often forgotten when in comparison to other more important organs. But did you know that the spleen is majorly responsible to keep our immune system strong by filtering the blood. It is also responsible for creating antibodies and storing red blood cells. It can also be a warehouse of monocytes also known as immune cells that keep the body strong against newly introduced bacteria and viruses.

The Gut:

We speak of the gut very often, a gut feeling is usually a phrase we use to describe an intuition, but are we really aware of what its function actually is? The Gut it a narrow tube that passes through the body from the mouth to the anus. It performs the function of processing the food by breaking it down in the initial stages and sending to the stomach and intestines to perform the rest of the breakdown.

The Liver:

The only time we remember our liver is when we have had one too many drinks, and with good reason. The reason our liver is so affected by the amount of alcohol consumed by us is because it is responsible for the detoxification of the body. Therefore, any alcohol or chemical taken in by the body is detoxed in the liver. Excess of which can damage it.

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