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6 Health Benefits of Jogging That You Need to Know

Today the internet is swamped with plenty of health advice. There are a gazillion ways to stay fit. From eating healthy, to visiting fitness centres, there are plenty of choices. Jogging is one such activity that helps us stay on track with our fitness.  Jogging is the oldest form of aerobic exercise, which keeps away a host of health issues. Jogging for about 30 minutes can help you burn as much as 300 calories. Let’s talk about some of the other major benefits of jogging.


1)    Improves Mental Health

Jogging can act as a major stress buster. While jogging, our body releases a chemical known as endorphins, which has a calming effect on us. This hormone can make us feel good and keeps us in a peaceful state of mind. This cardio workout also makes us alert and active.


2)    Reduces heart problems

Jogging improves the cardiovascular system of the body. It’s a good cardio workout useful for strengthening the heart muscles. It also is helpful in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.  However, it is advisable for heart patients to seek expert advice before taking up jogging.


3)    Builds strong muscles

Jogging helps in toning muscles. The large muscles and the joints get exercised properly.  It helps tone and strengthen muscles, especially in the lower body.


4)    Helps in Burning Calories

For people who want to stay in shape, jogging can be very beneficial.  People belonging to all age groups can benefit from jogging. It helps prevent obesity and we can burn 250 to 300 calories by jogging for half an hour or so.


5)    Strengthens Immune System

It strengthens our immune system and keeps us healthy to the core, by stimulating bacteria fighting cells and building up our resistance to infectious diseases.


6)    Increases Life Span

Jogging improves longevity by lowering risks by almost 30%. A good jog for about 10 minutes a day can help in reducing health problems and add to the life expectancy of an active person.


Few tips to consider before jogging

1)      Warm up for 2-3 minutes before you start jogging.

2)      Start with a brisk walk and give yourself minimum 6 weeks to build a regular running routine.

3)      Make sure you hydrate properly during or post workout.

4)      Early morning jogs are always recommended as you get to inhale fresh air.

5)      You can track your steps by using any jogging or running app on your smartphone.

6)      Test your endurance on the first day. Don’t exceed your limit.

7)      Beginners can choose to jog for alternate days and gradually increase your speed and time.

8)      Wear comfortable clothes, preferably loose cotton clothes.