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5 Tips to keep Diabetes at bay

Did you know that India is known as the diabetes capital of the world? With over 61 million people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it has become necessary for us to take the right measures to keep it in control. Contrary to most beliefs a healthy diet and exercise is all it takes to not only control but also prevent diabetes.  However, we have listed a few other things you can do to make your journey of dealing with diabetes easier.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking sufficient water is key. Consumption of sugary beverages like soda can only do harm. Just 2 glasses a day can increase you risk of developing diabetes by 20%. Water on the other hand can lead to better blood sugar control and insulin levels.

 Say No To Smoking

A person who smokes has a 50% higher chance of being affected with Diabetes than someone who does not. Smoking can make your body resistant to insulin leading to higher blood sugar levels. Being a hard habit to quit, it is advisable to look for a support group or any alternative that can help you steer away from it.

Losing Excess Weight

Excess weight is one of most common reasons that cause type-2 diabetes. Visceral fat, which is the fat that is formed around your internal organs can make your body resistant to insulin and promote inflammation. It is extremely necessary to be cautious about your weight if you are diabetic or have a genetic history of it. Being obese or overweight increases the chances of diabetes by 40 folds, however, losing even 1 kg can reduce the risk by 16%.

Moderate Consumption Of Alcohol

There is a fine line between moderate and over consumption of alcohol. While consumption in moderation can reduce the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, excess alcohol in the body can prevent the insulin from entering the cells. It’s advisable to avoid alcohol if you are prone to diabetes.

Add Milk To Your Daily Diet

By adding milk to your diet, we strictly mean low fat milk or milk constituents like cottage cheese, curd or buttermilk. Having the perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins, milk is the perfect product to help control blood sugar levels. An ideal amount to be consumed is two servings a day. Make sure this is followed in your daily plan.