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5 Steps to build strong bones

Bones are the base support system for the body. Till the age of 30 our bones keep building, after which they begin deteriorating and are slow to heal if exposed to damage of any sort. Here are a few ways of ensuring your bone health in the long run.

Consumption of Vegetables

We have heard all through our childhood that vegetables are good for health. Little did we know the impact they have on our bones.

Vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C that helps stimulates the production on bone forming cells in our body. Green and yellow vegetables in particular help increase the bone density in children and maintain the bone mass index in young adults. A study even showed that women over 50 who ate more onions or took more than 9 servings a day of broccoli were immune to osteoporosis. Vegetables don’t seem so bad now, do they?

Increased intake of Calcium and Vitamin D


It is a known fact that the major constituent in bones is calcium. Thus, it is needless to say that the consumption of food containing calcium is healthy for the body. This includes products like milk, white beans, sardine, bok choy etc.

Vitamin D plays another important role in the maintenance of your bones as it helps the body absorb the bone-boosting calcium. Vitamin D is most commonly obtained from the direct rays of the sun, but if the heat is too much for you, you could always depend on food items like shrimp, cereal, orange juice & egg yolk.

Reduce grains and bread from your daily diet

A study showed that grains and bread contain Sulphur compounds that trigger bone loss and increase acidity. Hence, it is safer to not have an excess intake of these food products on a regular basis.

Drinking alcohol

As strange as it sounds, it has been seen that people who have a drink on a daily basis i.e. not more than one drink for women and 2 for men have a higher bone density than people who do not drink alcohol.  Beer in particular is known to be helpful as it contains dietary silicon that is a vital nutrient for bone strength. But as it goes without saying, over consumption of alcohol can weaken the bone building cells. Therefore, drink in moderation.

Regular exercise

Weight bearing and high impact exercises have proven to make the bones stronger. Jumping and walking in particular have shown the most long-lasting impact on the bones of children. Exercises not only strengthen the bones but also increase the bone density and size. They also reduce inflammation and save you the trouble of undergoing a knee or hip replacement surgery in the future.